• Live differently for a little while



    From a long weekend to a lot longer. Welcome home.

  • The cultural foodie Tribe

    Monestevole, Umbria

    Wine, pigs, olive oil and home made tagliatelle.


    A big season of events, workshops & grazing is on.





  • The Startup Tribe

    Ubud, Bali


    Join our coworking tribe. Build your bright idea. Explore Bali & beyond


  • Scuba dive with Manta Watch Camp Gonubalabala - Papua New Guinea

    We're inviting you to join this small island community in

    Papua New Guinea for a new adventure created by our friends at

    Manta Watch Camp.

    Scuba dive with giant Manta Rays and live like a local.







  • Partner Locations

    Want to suggest other likeminded projects to share with our Tribe? Apply.

  • The Tribewanted Experience

    Each of our communities is different, driven by the local culture and environment. But the core experience is the same wherever you join us. 


    Local & international - all together, immersive cross-cultural living.


    From compost toilets to wind turbines, discover the future of how we will live.

    NOURISHMENT. Open Kitchen.

    Homemade local food. Good times together. 


    Private, boutique accommodations from bunk rooms to apartments + there's always a hammock for you.

  • Our Vision: the best off-grid community experiences on earth


    We believe in building sustainable communities.



    We focus on empowering local communities, protecting the environment and providing experiences to our members and visitors that educate, revitalise and inspire.

  • Why? Mindsets shift through community.


    Breaks that revive, build new friendships and kickstart ideas

    Whether it's to get away from a busy life for a little while, explore a new culture and place, or the curiousity to spend time immersed in a different way of living - people join us for many different reasons. 


    Each location offers activities and a vibe that reflects the local way of life.

    Making things better

    We support projects that empower the communities we live in. Through tourism and our tribe memberships we've been able to support development at our locations by creating jobs and community health, education, business & environmental projects.


    We measure and focus on building sustainable livelihoods, improving education, our teams well-being, & supporting local businesses.

    Investing in the future of how we all could live

    Joining the tribe is not just about taking an inspiring trip. 


    Alongside the cultural immersion we're working to build projects that can run as self-sufficiently as possible - we measure  how we source our energy, our food & water, and how we re-use our waste.


    When you stay with us, you will have the opportunity to learn about how our locations were built, renovated, and run.

  • Who's in our Tribe?

    Changemakers. City escapees. Coworkers. Cultural foodies. Intrepid travellers.


    These are our people. If you think your time off is better spent actively experiencing every aspect of local life and improving yourself and the community, then you are already a Tribe Member at heart.

  • "Its kind of like The Beach, but with a better track record." The Guardian

  • Our Story:


    10 years of tribe-building, community & adventure.

    10 years of tribe-building, community & adventure.

    On Vorovoro Island it was foretold that one day 'the world would come' and in 2006 an email connected the small Fijian community with an online 'tribe' of travellers and a new project and adventure began.
    Since then, on Vorovoro, a beach in Sierra Leone, in the Umbrian hills, and in partnership with projects in Bali and PNG, we have been working with communities and welcomed over 3000 visiting tribe-members, students, families and curious travellers.
    We’ve generated over $3m in revenues and invested into the local projects and supported over 100 jobs.


    Earthy Delights: The story of Tribewanted

  • Questions. Answers. Tribe Love.

    Send us a note and we'll get back to you quicker than it takes to muck out the pigs.