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    What's happening in 2018?

    We are now closed for the winter, until 25 March 2018...but drop us a line and we'll be happy to respond!


    From our 2018 season, you'll be able to visit Monestevole and stay in one of our three fully independent apartments.
    You'll have the option of booking a local cook for your stay through us, or you can cater for yourselves...or a mix of the two!
    We'll offer a full 'concierge' style service, so we're on call for anything you need. We can arrange for you to participate in farm activities if you want, and yoga classes, horse riding, massages and local tours will all be available upon request.
    The apartments Chiesetta, Due Elementi and Cielo sleep up to 4, 5, and 10 respectively.
    We're also still available for workshops and group bookings, and for a large group you can make an exclusive hire of the whole house.

    How can I contact you?

    We're available online, Monday - Friday for all your queries, comments & booking requests!

    We are now closed for the winter, until 25 March 2018, so we're not near the phone....but drop us a line and we'll respond asap!

    How is the weather?

    Umbria has four distinct seasons. Winters often see temperatures fall below freezing and snow is frequent. Spring is windy and bright green. Summers are pleasantly hot and breezy, and fall is harvest time.


    For up to date forecasts, search online for the weather in nearby Preggio, Umbria.

    What should I bring?

    Weather here is changeable, and we’re at 600 metres, so layers and a waterproof jacket are a good idea.


    We supply towels and linens. Please ensure any cosmetics you bring are as natural as possible, as all our water gets filtered though our living water filtration system.


    As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we do not heat the house beyond 18 celsius. This may be cooler than you are used to at home....so we recommend bringing a sweater and slippers for inside the house in the evening.


    In the summer, walking shoes and a bathing suit, a light sweater for the evening’s outdoor meals. In the spring and fall, walking shoes to get muddy, workout clothes, and sweaters for the evening. In the winter, boots, heavy clothes, and waterproof jackets, warm socks and house slippers

    How do I get there?

    There are no buses of public means to reach Monestevole. You will need a vehicle for your stay with us.

    Is Monestevole safe for kids?

    Monestevole is an ideal location for kids, however, we are a working farm with live animals and machinery, and we ask all our guests to sign liability waivers. The pool is private and without a lifeguard, guests are welcome to use it at their own discretion but minors are not allowed unattended.

    Do you have internet and cell phone coverage?

    Yes! Cell phone coverage is spotty due to thick walls and distance from the antenna.

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