• Monestevole Full Immersion

    Four weeks on site at Tribewanted Monestevole.
    Lend a hand. Learn. Live it like a local…

    6 October - 3 November 2018

    A unique opportunity to spend and extended period as part of the Tribewanted Monestevole team.
    Join us for 4 whole weeks, staying in one of our beautiful shared rooms, for only 1000 Euro (40% discount!)

    To become a true member of the team, we'll ask you to help out with our work here for 4 hours per day during your stay. You will be assigned "karmic duties", including harvesting olives, making wine, helping in the permaculture gardens, feeding the animals & preparing authentic, Umbrian, farm-to-table meals.


    The Full Immersion experience is a great way to immerse yourself in local Italian country-life, and to get to know the local team & culture.

    By the end of the month, Monestevole will feel like your second home!



  • Full Immersion Activities

    "What a special & inspirational month!

    Learning so much about permaculture, working in the gardens.

    Loving community life - amazing people, beautiful place, delicious food, fun evenings.

    An experience I will always treasure."

    NM, April 2015 Immersee

    Wine Making

    Just like they used to....

    The wine harvest usually falls in the first week of October. During your stay you'll see the wine-making process in our cantina and join our team in processing the grapes.

    Olive Harvest

    Olive oil...like you've never tasted before!

    Right after the grape harvest, it's all hands on deck to pick olives and make fresh olive oil at the mill. You'll help pick the olives, and accompany them to the mil....where you'll taste the first oil right out of the press!

    Feed the Animals

    A daily part of farm life

    Lend a hand in feeding and tending to the farm animals, horses, goats, pigs, chickens....and our dogs!

    Enjoy our Kitchen

    Get hands-on in very heart of Monestevole

    We'll make pizza and pasta together, cook up veggies from our garden and enjoy Monestevole wine and communal dining throughout your stay.

    Permaculture gardens

    Working with the seasons

    The permaculture gardens are being harvested as we begin to plant the winter garden in the greenhouses. A great chance to learn about and experience food production first hand.

  • an optional extra...

    join our Permaculture Design Course

    as an optional add-on to your Full Immersion experience,

    join our PDC and receive an internationally recognised certficate

    72-Hour Permaculture Design Course

    with Michel Thill

    For a supplement of 500 euro, make out PDC part of your stay with us.

    The course will run 7-20 October.

    Full details here

  • Your Host

    Filippo, founder of Tribewanted Monestevole.

    Filippo Bozotti

    "October is one of my favorite months to be at Monestevole"!

    "For the past 5 years here at Monestevole, at the end of each season, we offer a Full Immersion into sustainable living to a selected group of guests for the full month of October. Our guests participate in the farm activities 4 hours a day/5 days a week and are offered a 40% discount on normal prices.

    October is one of my favorite months to be at Monestevole, the heat is gone, the gardens are flourishing and there is plenty to do!"

  • Monestevole

    Our goal at Tribewanted Monestevole is to show that it is possible to live sustainably, not just in remote locations and developing countries, but also in our own back yard. We want to provide a replicable model for sustainable lifestyles where it is needed the most, to be an example of how our society can live in the years to come.


    In Italy, we also aspire to preserve and enhance local artisanal skills and inspire the Italian youth to return to the countryside, whilst at the same time providing our guests with an accessible location to learn, get their hands dirty and bring the lessons home.


    Read more about us here

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