• Sustainability


    Carbon Offsetting

    At Monestevole we believe in responsible travel. We ask every guest who visits us to plant trees while with us, to offset their carbon footprint. In the spring and fall you will be able to plant high carbon capturing trees and hedges, in the hot summer months, you will be able to sow seeds using the Fukuoka method.

    10 Sustainability Metrics

    At Monestevole we measure our sustainability with three pillars: environmental, social and economic.


    We measure our impact with 10 parameters: Energy. Water. Food. Waste. Carbon Footprint. Education. Health. Employment. Happiness and Financial break-even.


    We are constantly working to improve the structure with renewable energies, biomass for heating, water and waste recycling, gray and black water treatment, compost, permaculture and green architecture. We work with the local community, farmers and artisans from Umbertide, to learn and teach our tribe-members about the local traditions and bring a positive impact on the ground.









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