• Nature in Small Spaces

    Monestevole's Urban Gardening Workshop, 28 June - 3 July 2017
    with Matteo Mancini & Nicolo' Tacconi

  • From the forest to the balcony - nature in small spaces.


    Here in Monestevole we have space and resources to produce fresh and organic food, however the situation is different for those who live in the city and doesn’t have the same resources.

    People, you wouldn’t imagine what you can grow even in a little urban space!

    Simply imitating the principles of nature, we can transform every backyard, small balcony, wall and fence in growing surfaces. Doesn’t matter how small, with a pinch of creativity any place can turn into a luscious garden that can give you fresh and tasty food for the whole family.


    In Monestevole we promote sustainability in every form, inside and outside our community.

    We believe that everybody should be able to grow some of the food they consume. Pushed by this idea, we have decided to put together our knowledge and experiences in this course, empowering people to grow and re-connect with food and nature.


  • More about the course

    Your urban space might be limited but your creativity is not.

    Let’s dig-in, let’s grow food!

    During the course you will learn about:

    • Physiology of plants, how plants grow and we they need for doing it right
    • Companion planting, how plants get mutual benefit from been together
    • Designing your garden space
    • Building containers for your vegetable garden
    • Irrigation systems
    • Natural fertilizers and pest-controls
    • Different ways of composting

    The course is designed to alternate sessions of theory, design and hands-on building, in fact you will have the chance to immediately put in practices what you have just learned designing and transforming some of the unused spaces around Monestevole’s buildings in patchworks of fresh goodness.

    As gardening is much more than just growing food, we will explore how through small daily practices, walks and immersion in nature we can re-connect with nature and ourselves,


    After these 5 days together you will leave Umbria with new eyes and you will see the city spaces under a different light. Every little spot will be an opportunity to transform the urban landscape in a fertile oasis to grow food, express your creativity, re-connect with nature and that nourish body and soul.

  • Your Tutors

    Matteo Mancini

    I like to get my hands dirty, love to experiment, iterate, work on new projects. I believe that in every project there is a lesson to learn therefore i never do something twice in the same way, i always look to improve the system, make it simpler and more efficient.

    I have a Permaculture Design Certificate obtained in Australia where I also spent a year working in sustainable farms around the country.

    I'm fascinated by smart food solutions for small spaces and urban areas, that can empower people with the knowledge and techniques to grow their own food and help them to reconnect with nature.

    Nicolo' Tacconi

    Researcher in Permaculture and systemic approach, Nicolo' completed his PDC in Italy and 2012 and has been deepening ever since his studies, trials, errors yet learning.


    He started with urban PC in Rome, and has been operating mainly at Monestevole since 2014, as well as running some side projects and participating in workshops.


    This systemic approach has brought him to learn about alternative teaching and information sharing.

  • Monestevole

    a home, a farm, a sustainable community

    Our goal at Tribewanted Monestevole is to show that it is possible to live sustainably, not just in remote locations and developing countries, but also in our own back yard. We want to provide a replicable model for sustainable lifestyles where it is needed the most, to be an example of how our society can live in the years to come.


    In Italy, we also aspire to preserve and enhance local artisanal skills and inspire the Italian youth to return to the countryside, whilst at the same time providing our guests with an accessible location to learn, get their hands dirty and bring the lessons home.


    Read more about us here

  • Price

    Prices include 5 nights' accommodation, all meals & house wine and workshop participation

    Shared room


    Our lovely 4 person dorm


    Stay with 3 other urban gardeners, in Tempo.


    450 euro per person.

    Private room, shared bathroom


    For a little extra privacy...


    Your own private room with shared bathroom.


    475 euro per person, for two sharing,

    550 euro per person, single occupancy.

    Private room, en suite bathroom


    Eco-lux at it's best


    Your own private room with en suite bathroom.


    550 euro per person, for two sharing,

    640 euro per person, single occupancy.

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