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    Permaculture Design Course

    Michel Thill & Nicolo' Tacconi

    27 Aug - 9 Sept

    The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 72-hour internationally recognised training engaging head, heart and hands of participants to discover the principles and techniques of Permaculture. Not only will you become a recognized permaculturist, but you ll be able to put in practice all the theories on our permaculture gardens, urban gardens, with our animals and in our local kitchen.

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    Green Summer Camp

    The Classroom is Everywhere!

    19 - 26 August

    After our success working with the Green School’s Earthbound program last October, we’re excited to offer children and teenagers, from 8-18, and their families, the opportunity to experience a hands on learning experience on our Umbrian farm while enjoying the beauty of the Italian countryside this summer. For one week, Monestevole will be transformed into a dedicated Green Summer Camp!

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    Back to Basics Yoga Retreat

    Simonee Chichester

    9 - 16 September

    Back to the basics of movement and breath within a challenging and relaxing yoga practice. Back to the basics of clean living, with good food and wine that is locally sourced and SO exceptionally Italian! Back to the basics of nature, on a farm, under blue skies, among loads of greenery, hills to trek on and open air to breathe. Back to the basics of joyful connection, as you commune with likeminded people (sangha) where you can share stories, laugh, rest up, relax and let go!

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    Decelerate to Accelerate

    Nicola Moss

    21 - 25 September

    Sometimes we need to slow down to move forward...

    It's time to throw the anchor, slow down and reconnect with yourself and what matters to you, find clarity and take the first steps towards the life you want to live. We'll have plenty of time to decelerate, have inspiring conversations, workshop content to gain clarity as well as enjoy the local way of life.

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    Reveal Your Hidden Treasure

    Dasa Szekely

    23 - 27 September

    Join Dasa for Reveal Your Hidden Treasure, an ispirational workshop journey she has been leading & refining for 9 years. During the 4-day inner journey, you'll be reconnected with your True Self - step by step - and you'll find fitting words & means to express your deepest essence. Each day will be a mixture of structured workshop sessions, time for self-reflection and optional participation in Monestevole's activities.

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    Monestevole Full Immersion

    Team Monestevole

    1 - 29 October

    As a participant in our Full Immersion, you'll be asked to lend a hand for a minimum of 4 hours a day - more if you choose! - in the running of our house, farm & permaculture garden. Tasks include feeding the animals, preparing the winter garden, pruning olives, making bread and pasta, plus seasonal activities.

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