• Gonubalabala is looking for 5 intrepid pioneers to crowd fund their third bungalow on the island....could it be you?

    Back in 2015 we helped Nydia, Nelson and the Gonubalabala community create their eco-homestay on their idyllic island in Papua New Guinea, population 20, by raising $10.000 to develop two bungalows, water catchment tanks, compost toilets, bucket showers and a kitchen. We brought a group of 15 first-footers to develop the project together with the local villagers.


    Gonubalabala is an idyllic island in the Samarai Archipelago, just off the coast of Alotau. The island is famous for its coral reef and Manta Rays natural cleaning station. The island is so small you can't even find it on google maps!


    For one year we supported the local community, building two bungalows, a kitchen, bucket showers, compost toilets and rain water harvesting.

  • Now the community is looking to expand their eco-tourism potential, by raising an additional $2000 to fund a new traditional Sago Bungalow and a compost toilet. 


    This will help the island community increase the eco-tourism revenues and reach sustainability. Nydia asked for our help to find among the Tribewanted community up to 5 Sago-Bungalow sponsors, each participating with US$400.

    In exchange you will be hosted for one week on the island of Gonubalabala where you can help build the bungalow or enjoy it once it is completed!*


    If you are interested in supporting Nydia, you can contact her directly:


    tel: +675 721 37033 or +675 727 19047


    Or let us know, and we can provide payment info for your contribution.


    * all funds will go directly to Gonubalabala, the donation includes all meals, transport not included.

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